Media asset storage guidelines

How to store or link non versioned files unsuitable for versioning in github due to structure or size:


Please document licensing incl. issues properly for further use. (CC-BY-SA-ND, Internal, NDA only etc.)

Media master files, office files, shared non text documents, images

Store in the shared Google Drive Folder

  • Rendered final PDF should use full versioned namespaces

  • Versioned masterfiles with history in Gdocs or github can omit isodate_revision.

  • Initial version can omit revision.

  • Including the license and source of external media in the filename will help a lot.

  • Metadata of images (EXIF), PDF and other files (odt) should be proper set using original filename, source, author and license!

  • Keep relevant old revisions in subfolders named old



Press Clippings

Press release, Quotes & twitter mentionings documentation etc.


Always document full author, source, license information!


@acsr setup a private shared Zotero group, @guidostevens Mendeley?



  • should live on vimeo, youtube etc., place links in the Trello List Media Assets

    collect transscripts in Press Clippings

Events calendar

One year ahead events overview