User Manual


The Quaive User Manual, or “handbook”, is maintained in a separate repository on github.

A publicly available version can be found at:

The landing page is just a switch for choosing the desired language. The contents of the user manual are available under their respective language abbreviation:,, etc


Check out the repository on github. It contains instructions on how to build the manual locally.

All contents must be placed under one of the language folders. The main language is English. Feel free to add more translations…

Please try to keep the hierarchy of the docs as flat as possible. Not every reader will understand your preferred structure.

Updating the public version

The public version ( is located on It is updated every 10 minutes based on the latest state of the master branch. Therefore, simply push your changes to master.

To manually update, ssh to the server, become user “quaive”, cd /home/quaive/quaive.manual and run the upgrade.

If you need access to the server, contact Wolfgang (pysailor).