Social Network - personalized data structures


Each user can define a fully personalized perspective on the content space. provides a social network graph of users following/unfollowing or liking/unliking or tagging/untagging other users, content objects, status updates, tags.

The backend API is generalized and supports multiple use cases in a consistent way:

  • users can follow other users
  • users can follow content or even tags
  • users can like content and microblog statusupdates
  • users can tag other users (endorsements)
  • users can tag content

The difference between this approach and ‘normal’ Plone can best be explained by the tagging functionality. In stock Plone, any content object has one set of tags: the Subject field. These tags are set by the content object editor. The result is a single global information space with one perspective.

In contrast, enables each user to define their own set of tags on any content object, and even on other users. This results in a personal information space with a unique perspective for every different user.

Implementation Status

The backend is fully realized and under test.

The frontend is realized for ‘like’, ‘follow user’ and ‘follow tag’ functionality. Not yet implemented: ‘follow workspace’, ‘follow document’, and ‘endorsements’ (endorsements are tags placed on users by other users).

Implementation Details

The backend lives in and is fully documented with docstrings.

You may want to look at the test suites for example code exercising the backend.